A Legacy of Legal Expertise

At Milner Wynne Law Firm, our vision was clear: to form an elite legal team with unparalleled courtroom expertise in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. Our tight-knit team of attorneys has since amassed an impressive record, boasting over 60 jury trial acquittals and 19 Grand Jury No-Bills. Numerous cases have seen dismissals, many on the very day of trial.


Under the seasoned leadership of George Milner, who embarked on his legal journey in 1959, our attorneys employ tried-and-true strategies to champion tough cases in court. Each attorney at Milner Wynne stands out not only for their profound legal knowledge but also for their impressive track record of courtroom victories. Our attorneys at Milner Wynne possess practical trial experience that rivals many with decades more in the field.


We possess a vitality and forward-thinking approach, ensuring Milner Wynne remains at the forefront of Dallas legal circles for years to come.


Though rooted in Texas, our reach is vast. We’ve successfully represented clients from Miami to Los Angeles to Brooklyn. At Milner Wynne, we aren’t about taking the easy route. We’re known for our relentless and uncompromising stance in the courtroom, always putting our clients’ best interests at the forefront.